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M2 Fitness is where you go after you have tried all of the big name gyms and you are ready for REAL results

M2 offers the solution that ventures beyond fitness equipment by emphasizing personal service, education, and results.

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Meet our trainers

Emile Jarreau

Master Personal Trainer (MPT)

Emile is a certified fitness professional with over 30 years of experience in fitness training and coaching. His original interest in fitness began in the US Navy where he was intimately involved in S.E.A.L. team physical conditioning. Since then he has become a leading and recognized authority in personal fitness and weight loss.

He has consulted CEOs, business executives, NFL professionals, celebrities, and people just like you. Emile focuses on each client’s individual needs with the same level of concern, attention, and understanding. Emile consistently provides a highly level of attention to every client to motivate, encourage, and instructs them so they may obtain their individualized goals.


  • Member of International Fitness Association
  • Member of American Council on Exercise
  • Fitness mentor for The Boys and Girls Clubs of America
  • Performed strength training and rehabilitation with NFL professional Athletes
  • Consulted and coached by some of the industry’s most recognized sought out fitness professionals Ryan Lee, Bedros Keuillian, Chris McCombs, John Spencer Ellis.
  • Developed programs for one of California's correctional facilities for troubled youth behind bars (Camp Rocky).
  • Developed a Physical Conditioning Program based on his U.S. Navy S.E.A.L. Team experience as template for the Naked Commando protocol
  • Published author on Amazon of "The Ultimate Paleo Weight Loss Diet for Woman"
  • Co-created "The Physique and Figure Specialist Certification" with Dr. John Spencer Ellis 2014
  • Platinum Ezine Author

Bea Fox

National Figure Athlete and Transformation Coach

Bea is a former fitness competitor having competed in many national competitions. She is notable from having made dramatic lifestyle changes to become a nationally recognized competitor and fitness coach. Inspiring and motivating her clients to obtain their personal fitness goals is one of the most rewarding aspects of her life.

She has consulted many important business leaders, female competitive trainers, worked with some of the industries more prominent fitness coaches, but normally coaches people just like you. Bea brings her empathic, no-non-sense style to ensure results her clients seek.


  • Team Universe Championships | New York
  • USA National Championships| Las Vegas
  • Junior National Figure Championships | Chicago
  • Junior USA Championships | South Carolina 2007
  • IFBB North American Championships | Cleveland
  • USA Championships | Las Vegas
  • Arnold Classic | Cleveland 2006
  • Los Angeles Championships | California
  • California State Championships | California
  • Orange County Classic | California
  • National Figure Athlete
  • Fitness Professional
  • Life Coach
  • Transformation Coach
  • Dr. 90210 E Entertainment
  • Bravo Ballroom Bootcamp
  • KTLA
  • OC Register
  • FLEX Muscle & Fitness HERS
  • Ironman
  • John Stutz Fit Girls Volume 1

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While other facilities focus entirely on providing you with fitness equipment, our emphasis is on exclusivity, a unique experience, one-on-one personal service and results.

We start with a fitness assessment and evaluation that consists of three steps:


We begin the assessment with a thorough but brief evaluation, which provides us with an overview of your current health and fitness level. This allows us to insure that you will continue to improve your health safely and that we design the ideal program for you.


The next step is performing a body composition analysis that make up an individual’s body weight, such as muscle, bone, and organs. Typical charts tend to be very general, therefore not good indicators for the advanced individual or performance athlete. In addition, body weight and lean mass will vary considerably by age, gender, genetic make-up, and each individual’s lifestyle. Having the proper balance is also important. Low percentages can cause a great deal of physiological challenges on the body, on the other realm, high percentages can be extremely harmful.


Along with the analysis is the third part of the assessment, simple tape measurements of key areas of the body followed by digital photographs for comparisons, repeated bi-weekly during your three, six, or twelve-month program to gauge progress.

Once we determined your lean to fat ratio, we will then coach you on creating the right balance for you with a proper nutrition program. The ultimate goal is a smarter approach to a healthy mind and body. By knowing the right amount of calories to consume you’ll avoid over or under eating, fatigue, stress, and unnecessary overload to the body.

These adjustments will be a constant and ongoing part of your advancement. It is a vital process for you to determine progress and visually see the effects of your training, nutrition and endurance programs.

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